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Different Types of Divorce

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While no one gets married with the intention of divorcing in the future, sometimes divorce may be inevitable due to issues such as infidelity, financial problems, growing apart, abuse, and disagreements about child-rearing. Divorce is seldom an easy process, no matter the circumstances. The process can be a long and drawn-out legal battle, or it can be peaceful and amicable.

Whether you’re going through a divorce or are thinking about getting one in the future, you need to understand your options. Different types of divorces can have different impacts on your life, emotionally, financially, and logistically. To help you out, we’ve compiled the most common types of divorces that exist to help you make a sound decision.

Signs You Need a Family Lawyer

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More than 750,000 divorces happen in the United States annually. Divorce is a family issue that can leave you stressed and embarrassed. Handling any family-related case on your own is not the right decision. The family legal field has enough competent experts that can help you. Hiring a family lawyer can be very helpful whenever you have a domestic situation. Such attorneys handle cases like adoption, estate and wills, divorce, and prenuptial agreements. Family law is complex — a good reason to work with a professional family attorney. The attorneys understand the ins and outs of family matters, enabling them to provide quality legal services.

Understanding The Role Of A Guardian Ad Litem

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If you are involved in a highly disputed custody case, there will be many people you may interact with during your court case. While you may be familiar with the roles of the attorneys, your child may also be assigned a Guardian ad litem. Understanding what a Guardian ad litem (GAL) is and their role in your case will help you be more at ease interacting with this person.

What Is A Guardian Ad Litem?

Unmarried Fathers: An Overview of Child Custody

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Father and Child — Albuquerque, NM — Law Offices of Lynda Latta, LLCAll parents, whether married or not, have child custody and visitation rights. However, unmarried parents have to go through different hoops to enforce these rights. The process is also different for unmarried mothers and fathers. Below are some things you should know about custody and visitation rights as an unmarried father.

A Mother Often Gets Parental Rights

In many cases, the mother often gets parental rights right after the baby is born. These parental rights usually include custody rights. This is especially true if the father is unknown or doesn’t want to be involved with the baby’s upbringing. In that case, the mother usually makes the decisions about the child’s living situation, choice of daycare, religious upbringing, and vacation times.

The Benefits of Mediation During Child Custody

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When you have a child, he or she becomes your top priority, even if you are in the process of ending a relationship. You want the best for your child even if you are not able to remain in a relationship with the other parent. Whether you are facing divorce or the breakup of a short relationship, you may be looking for options for resolving child custody issues.

Mediation provides you and the child’s other parent the opportunity to sit down and discuss the issues at hand. With the help of a mediator, you have an unbiased individual helping you address your respective problems. For many reasons, mediation is a fantastic option to consider.

Mediation Identifies Key Issues

Top Reasons to Establish a Child’s Paternity

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Establish a Child's Paternity — Albuquerque, NM — Law Offices of Lynda Latta, LLC

When unmarried couples have a child, the law doesn’t automatically assume the child’s parentage. You have to establish paternity to ensure a legal relationship between the parent and the child. Establishing paternity bestows numerous benefits to both the parents and the child. Below are some of the areas these benefits cover.

Identity and Relationship

If you are the father, establishing paternity allows you to confirm your relationship with your child. The confirmation will help establish your child’s identity. Many children wish to know their legal parents, even if they already have other adults in their lives (such as stepparents).

5 Things That Can Make Your Simple Divorce Complex

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Divorces are generally grouped into two main categories: simple and complex. But while some divorces are firmly in one camp or the other from the get-go, other cases start out simple but become complex during the process. What causes this to happen? Here are five common reasons yours may evolve over time. 

1. A Contentious Spouse

Your divorce may appear relatively cut-and-dried on paper, but your spouse can make things much more complicated in person. They may change their mind about things you thought were settled, for instance, bring up new issues, or argue minute details within the agreement. A spouse who digs in their heels may not be deterred by the time, energy, or monetary investment in a long, drawn-out trial.