The Benefits of Mediation During Child Custody

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When you have a child, he or she becomes your top priority, even if you are in the process of ending a relationship. You want the best for your child even if you are not able to remain in a relationship with the other parent. Whether you are facing divorce or the breakup of a short relationship, you may be looking for options for resolving child custody issues.

Mediation provides you and the child’s other parent the opportunity to sit down and discuss the issues at hand. With the help of a mediator, you have an unbiased individual helping you address your respective problems. For many reasons, mediation is a fantastic option to consider.

Mediation Identifies Key Issues

Much of the time when people sit down to address pressing issues, they do not even know what those issues are. For instance, the mediator will help you resolve financial concerns you might not have considered for your child. Who will pay for extracurricular activities at school? How much money are you expected to put in for medical insurance?

Many of the issues you identify in mediation will be related to your child’s future and your continued ability to have a relationship with him or her. For instance, is your co-parent allowed to move a long distance away with your child? How will this affect visitation?

Mediation Is Affordable

Mediating child custody issues is often more viable than going to family court because you do not have to take the case before a judge. You both save money by not having to pay court costs. Instead, you can pay for mediation services.

Additionally, you will not have to fight the costs associated with going to court and missing work. These lost wages can amount to several days’ worth of pay. Mediation could take as little as a few hours.

Mediation Gives You More Control

As a parent, you want to have the most control possible over the decisions made for your child. Rather than having a judge make decisions for your child, you can count on mediation to put you in the driver’s seat. You and the child’s parent both have the ability to participate actively.

You have the right to ask for whatever you want in mediation. You may not always get it, but you have the option to present it to your co-parent, which is not necessarily the case if you take your case to court.

Mediation Is Not a Fight

You can think of child custody mediation as a collaboration. You are working together for a common goal rather than against each other. You both want to see a benefit for your child.

Ultimately, mediation is more comfortable for your children, reducing the negative impact of divorce. When your child sees both of you together working positively, he or she does not feel the same type of fear and anxiety sometimes associated with a courtroom battle.

Additionally, mediation gives you the opportunity to work toward a better relationship with your child’s other parent. While you may not want to be together, you can at least have an amicable relationship that benefits your child for years to come.

Mediation Allows You to Seek Counsel

Even if you are considering mediation, you have the opportunity to seek the assistance of a family law attorney. You have the right to determine if mediation is right for you.

Are you considering mediation for a child custody issue? We can help you. Our law firm makes it easy to address the most serious problems in a manner that benefits you and your child. Call today.

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