Adoption Law Services for the Albuquerque, NM, Area

Adoption is the process by which a legal parent-child relationship is created between people who are not biologically parent and child. A proceeding to terminate parental rights may be initiated in connection with or prior to an adoption proceeding. There are very strict requirements that have to be met before the parental rights of a biological parent may be terminated and an adoption concluded. Some adoptions are referred to as “Step parent Adoption” where a person seeks to adopt his or her spouse’s child in accordance with the provisions. When the adoptee has lived with his or her stepparent for at least one year following the stepparent’s marriage to the custodial parent, there are less requirements that have to be fulfilled.

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Guardianship of Adults

Sometimes health and safety issues may require that you need to become the primary caretaker of an adult. Perhaps this adult is incapacitated by illness and had not signed a power of attorney form, or the adult could have mental or physical difficulties that make self-care impossible. When this occurs, the courts may appoint a guardian to make personal or financial decisions. In other words, the court appoints a substitute decision maker.

Guardianship is a serious decision and should be made only if the person has a serious inability to make or understand the consequences of his or her decisions. Remember, there is no law against making foolish decisions, so if grandpa wants to send a donation to the Followers of German Shepherds, that is his right. But if he does not understand the consequences of signing over his Social Security to the group, then someone else may need to take over. Guardians are required to adhere to strict financial limits and must report periodically to the court.