Social Media and Divorce: What Not to Do and Why

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The emotional stress caused by divorce prompts many to turn to friends and family for support. However, in today’s digital age, social media is a popular way for people to reach out to their support group. Unfortunately, social media can be harmful, and in many cases, the cause of divorce itself. Once you post something, there’s no going back.

While social media is a useful tool to connect to others, if you’re currently going through a divorce, it’s best you refrain from posting your woes on social media. Here’s an overview of what not to do, and why.

Anything You Say Can, and May, Be Used Against You

Social media is a good way to vent your troubles, especially to those you know might be on your side. However, some may be siding with your ex and you may not realize it. What you say could be used against you later on if your divorce ends up in the courtroom. Play it safe by writing down your feelings in a journal or in your own online private outlets, such as a phone call or a personal meeting with a friend or family member.

It’s Not Just About You

If you have children, anyone who sees your posts online could become concerned about your children, be it the parent of your child’s best friend or a teacher in your child’s school. This could also get back to your ex and be brought up in court. Protect yourself and your children by neglecting to put such personal information online.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to speak negatively about your ex in front of your child, and even a negative post online could hurt your child in ways you never thought of.

Drama Should Be Avoided

Divorce is complex, creating its own drama at times. Social media is also known to create some drama, and putting the two together can equal a disastrous result. As you navigate through the divorce process, keep your head clear and focus on the end result, even if you’re stressed and worried. The he said, she said game posted on social media is not worth the extra drama and stress it could cause.

Passive-Aggressive Posting Isn’t Necessary

Stay humble about the fact you’re moving on. Don’t check in while you are on a date or share photos of your new significant other. While this can be tempting, this is a passive-aggressive move that in the end isn’t going to help either of you move on from each other, and it’ll just create more tension and stress. Yes, it’s expected that you’re both going to move on, but in the beginning, things are raw and emotions run high.

Another thing you should stay away from is posting memes about how you’re better off or quotes about moving on. Keep in mind when posting that if it’s something you’d feel hurt over, don’t post it. Even if you are not friends with your ex on social media, most likely your posts will make it back to them.

Going through a divorce is hard for everyone involved. Social media is helpful in many ways, but not when it comes to a divorce. Follow these tips about what to avoid posting on social media during your divorce to make the transition easier for your entire family.

If you’re unsure of the right way to handle online communications, it’s best to reach out to an experienced family law attorney. You may not be able to avoid posting about your situation entirely, but conversing with an experienced lawyer can help you navigate social media in a way that’s helpful to all.

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