3 Big Advantages of Being the First to File for Divorce

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Nobody likes to be the first person to call it quits, especially when you are dealing with an arrangementas complicated and emotional as a marriage. However, in terms of finances and legal ramifications, sometimes it pays to be the one to get the ball rolling. Here are three big advantages of being the first to file for divorce.

1. Organize Your Finances

It’s no secret that divorces can be incredibly emotional, especially in situations where spouses are worried about their financial future. Fortunately, by making the decision of when to file and taking matters into your own hands, you can get all of your financial ducks in a row before you have to disclose your assets in court.

When Can You Get Your Child Support Order Modified?

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Do you feel as though you’re paying too much in child support? Or are you a custodial parent who isn’t getting paid enough? Child support orders can be modified, but a modification has to be requested first. Child support is not automatically modified based on changes to your income or your lifestyle; the court has to be consulted on each change.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to modify your child support order – or why the court might modify it for you at the request of your ex-spouse.

6 Financial Steps to Take After a Divorce

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Following a divorce, you may find yourself confused about the financial decisions you now face. For instance, you may be paying or receiving child support or alimony payments. Or maybe you have to seek new or better employment to pay for the basic expenses your former spouse’s income covered.
Are you taking the first steps toward financial freedom following a divorce? Are you unsure of how to move forward? These steps will help you move forward in post-marriage life.

1. Separate Your Finances
After your divorce, it is smart to remove your name and information from joint bank and credit accounts. You should open new accounts under your name.

At this time, you might also want to remove your ex-spouse from other accounts, including your life insurance and health insurance if necessary. You might also want to make changes to your legal documents, like your medical directives, power of attorney, and living will.

Simple Divorce: Tips for a Successful Mediation

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When you and your spouse decide to divorce, the goal should be to leave the marriage as equally and peacefully as possible. If you have an amicable relationship without any significant complexities, you may want to consider mediation. Mediation is a way to divorce without going through a traditional court trial. The process is less expensive and faster than a divorce in court.

Mediation is a great way to end a marriage when you and your spouse agree on your divorce terms and can discuss things that you do not see eye to eye on. If you decide to go with mediation, consider some of these tips to ensure a successful process.

Make a Plan in Advance
Mediation allows you and your spouse to discuss the terms of your divorce and make your own decisions. The process is generally simple and straightforward, but you still need to make a plan ahead of time. You need to know exactly what you want regarding child support, alimony, and the like.

4 Signs You Need a Divorce Lawyer

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Up to 50% of marriages unfortunately end in divorce. Instead of trying to handle all the divorce complexities yourself, you should hire a lawyer to help you.

Consider these four signs that you need a divorce lawyer to assist you through this trying and confusing time. Even if your divorce doesn’t go to trial, having a divorce lawyer to guide you through the process is highly recommended.

  1. You Share Children in Common

You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can draw up a parenting plan to have the courts approve to determine who gets the children and what the custody rights are. Dividing fair parenting time between you two for holidays, birthdays, summer vacation, and other important events is clear with a parenting plan.

What You Need to Know About Child Support in New Mexico

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When children are involved in a divorce, the divorce process is always a bit more complicated. Child support is typically a consideration for individuals with children who are undergoing divorce. Child support involves one parent making payments to the parent with the majority of physical custody.

Federal law requires all states to create guidelines regarding child support. In accordance with these laws, New Mexico has established guidelines for individuals seeking child support. This guide will answer many questions commonly linked to child support.

Filing for Divorce? 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Judge Gavel DocumentFor many, marriage is a wonderful partnership. However, for an estimated 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States, marriage ends in divorce. From opposite personalities to financial disputes, infidelity, and abuse, there are many reasons why you might feel the need to dissolve your marriage. However, it is important to know that divorce is a process that requires proper understanding and patience.

A few common mistakes can make the process of ending your marriage even more difficult. By avoiding these mistakes and working with an attorney that specializes in divorce and family law, the divorce process does not have to be physically, emotionally, and financially distressing.

1. Not Considering Mediation

While mediation won’t be helpful in every case, you may want to consider mediation services while getting a divorce. Mediation, which involves discussing and agreeing to certain issues with a third-party individual, can reduce the time and stress of divorce.

Dissolving a marriage is an investment in time, energy, and emotional distress, but it can also be rather expensive. The total cost of divorce is difficult to determine because there are so many factors to consider, including the time it takes to divide assets and arrange custody agreements.

By spending some of this time with a mediator, your divorce process may be easier, less stressful, and more affordable compared to a litigated divorce that involves time in court.

When Your Ex Isn’t Obeying Your Parenting Plan

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child wearing adult glassesWhether unofficially or through the court system, separated parents often create a child parenting plan. Governing everything from medical care to education, the child parenting plan outlines individual rights and responsibilities. But what can you do if the other parent isn’t obeying your child parenting plan?

Make Sure You Have an Official Plan

If your plan hasn’t been through a family court, now is the time to get it finalized. Though a document can be binding between two people without going through family court, it’s exceptionally hard to enforce a parenting plan unless it’s official.