4 Signs You Need a Divorce Lawyer

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Up to 50% of marriages unfortunately end in divorce. Instead of trying to handle all the divorce complexities yourself, you should hire a lawyer to help you.

Consider these four signs that you need a divorce lawyer to assist you through this trying and confusing time. Even if your divorce doesn’t go to trial, having a divorce lawyer to guide you through the process is highly recommended.

  1. You Share Children in Common

You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can draw up a parenting plan to have the courts approve to determine who gets the children and what the custody rights are. Dividing fair parenting time between you two for holidays, birthdays, summer vacation, and other important events is clear with a parenting plan.

However, you might have circumstances where hiring a lawyer to assist you in filing for legal and physical child custody is essential to your divorce case. This could be in cases where you don’t agree with your spouse or where your spouse is abusive or has issues with substance abuse.

In addition, your divorce lawyer will help you file the extensive paperwork for obtaining child support and medically insuring your children. Express all child custody concerns you have — along with documentation or facts supporting your concerns — to your lawyer.

  1. You Share a Business with Your Spouse

Sharing a business with your spouse is confusing to divide when you have a divorce, especially when both parties wish to remain part of the business. If you wish to dissolve your ownership of the business, the other party will have to buy you out (or vice versa).

Your lawyer will help you find business evaluators and draw up a contract that will fairly distribute your interest in the family business as much as possible.

  1. You Own a Home Together

If you and your spouse purchased your home during your marriage, the property is considered community property. In most divorce cases, the family home is the most expensive asset. Dividing the home’s equity between both parties requires legal counsel.

This issue is additionally complicating if you plan to stay in the marital home to raise your children so they don’t have to move. To keep your family home out of the courtroom, hire alawyer to be your mediator between you and your spouse to fairly divide your home and other assets. In many cases, trading other community assets, such as an RV or dirt bike, for equity in your residence is acceptable.

  1. The Other Party Has a Lawyer

Don’t enter something as crucial, complicated, and devastating as divorce without legal aid, especially if the other party has a lawyer.  Even if your spouse agrees to an amicable divorce and appears to act fairly, you shouldn’t have to handle the paperwork, court proceedings, vital documents, and crucial deadlines by yourself.

Don’t potentially lose everything you gained in your marriage by not hiring an attorney to help you through the divorce process. Hiring a lawyer who specializes in family and divorce law is essential and beneficial for your needs. A lawyer will be able to ensure you have a fair, equal voice in the divorce proceedings.

As you go through your divorce, document everything you and your spouse talk about and make a list of all assets and debt you own together. The more documentation you provide your lawyer, the better your divorce outcome can be.

Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Lynda Latta, LLC are here to help you have as stress-free a divorce as possible. Don’t try to handle this by yourself. Call us today for a consultation.


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  • Zachary Tomlinson


    I had no idea that a divorce lawyer can help you in your disputes regarding your separation from your spouse! One of the shows I watched last week talked about how the main character wanted to leave his wife because of infidelity. Maybe I should contact one of these experts too if ever this happens to me in the future.


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