Filing for Divorce? 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Judge Gavel DocumentFor many, marriage is a wonderful partnership. However, for an estimated 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States, marriage ends in divorce. From opposite personalities to financial disputes, infidelity, and abuse, there are many reasons why you might feel the need to dissolve your marriage. However, it is important to know that divorce is a process that requires proper understanding and patience.

A few common mistakes can make the process of ending your marriage even more difficult. By avoiding these mistakes and working with an attorney that specializes in divorce and family law, the divorce process does not have to be physically, emotionally, and financially distressing.

1. Not Considering Mediation

While mediation won’t be helpful in every case, you may want to consider mediation services while getting a divorce. Mediation, which involves discussing and agreeing to certain issues with a third-party individual, can reduce the time and stress of divorce.

Dissolving a marriage is an investment in time, energy, and emotional distress, but it can also be rather expensive. The total cost of divorce is difficult to determine because there are so many factors to consider, including the time it takes to divide assets and arrange custody agreements.

By spending some of this time with a mediator, your divorce process may be easier, less stressful, and more affordable compared to a litigated divorce that involves time in court.

2. Hiding Assets

Marriage is a physical, emotional, and financial partnership for many couples. Because of this partnership, you and your spouse not only shared a home and life, but you most likely shared bank accounts, mortgages, insurance policies, and a variety of other financial agreements and accounts.

Depending on the state of your relationship and the reason for divorce, you may feel inclined to hide certain assets from your spouse and their divorce attorney. Unfortunately, hiding assets from your spouse and their attorney can have serious consequences.

During your initial divorce consultation, you and your spouse will need to disclose information pertaining to your finances, such as your income, expenses, liabilities, and assets.
You will also need to sign a financial affidavit, which is a legal document stating you are giving completely open and honest information pertaining to your finances.

Hiding assets or lying about your finances as they are disclosed in the financial affidavit is illegal, meaning you may be charged with contempt of court. This can lead to the dismissal of your claims, costly fines, and even incarceration.

3. Venting On Social Media

Technology is an imperative part of most people’s lives today and many people use their smartphones to post pictures, comments, and updates daily. While they are your accounts, social media should never be used to vent about your ex-spouse or your marriage. In addition, you should never share information that can be used against you during the divorce process.

Every picture, comment, or post can potentially become incriminating evidence. In some instances, these social media pictures, comments, or status updates may be harmless, but others may be taken out of context and used against you.

Also, remember that it only takes one person to see a picture, comment, or post on social media. If you post derogatory, abusive, or unthoughtful things, it becomes a permanent fixture on social media — even if you delete it.

Ending a marriage is not an easy process, but help is available. To learn more about divorce or to begin the filing process, contact Law Offices of Lynda Latta, LLC today. Give us a call today. We’ll fight for your rights and help you through this difficult time.


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